Both the science and business of health care are changing at an unprecedented rate. Hospital leaders are balancing multiple priorities, ranging from the need for constant quality improvement to the decreasing availability of physicians and health care professionals, all while net revenues continue to decline. Community hospitals and health care systems across Oregon have fewer hands on deck amid ever-increasing expectations. How are you responding?


Success in this new environment will require resourcefulness and forward thinking. Your organization must rely on every asset it has while developing a clear strategy for meeting future needs.

Cost-effective, dedicated broadband connectivity, as provided by the Oregon Health Network (OHN), can be a cornerstone of your strategy. A high-speed, interconnected health care community will strengthen existing clinical and business relationships and foster new possibilities with other community providers, critical referral centers, and health care educators. Electronic patient data exchange, remote patient consultations, and distance learning are just some of the benefits you can experience through your membership with OHN. Our ability to connect with one another has evolved from would-be fiction to reality.

The Oregon Health Network is bringing this future to hospitals, clinics, and community colleges statewide. With a robust broadband network in place, your facility stands to benefit in multiple ways, including:

  • Improved quality of care: Collaborating with regional, national, and international specialists offers a world of clinical expertise to you, your physician community, and your patients
  • Extended reach: Bring state-of-the-art health care to rural and underserved populations around the state, contributing to the overall strength of our region
  • Advanced educational services: Your incumbent workforce and community members can now take part in remote training and certification programs offered through our partners in community colleges across Oregon


OHN’s most immediate goal is to bring low-cost high-speed broadband to every health care provider, clinic, hospital, pharmacy, and community college in Oregon. But what can you expect from OHN after the cables are laid and the signal is strong? As a member, you will help shape our direction as we watch new developments, help establish best practices for all members, and advocate for policies in Salem and Washington D.C. that support our overall mission.


OHN is a dues-based membership organization. You can see what other hospitals in the state are participating with OHN by clicking here.

As a member, you will have a seat at the table as we shape the future of OHN. We need to count every hospital in Oregon as a member in order to optimize the potential of the network. Can we count you in? outreach [at] oregonhealthnet [dot] org (Contact us) to learn more.